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The great tamil sage Agathiyar in his book “Thuraiyaari Villakaam” has told “When we look at the Thiruvavaduthurai which is hot we can see both sun and moon”. Thiruvavaduthurai meaning comes as “Thiru + Aadu + Thurai Thiru Means Respected/divine, here it represents the supreme lord, Thurai means place, Aadu means dance so combining them it comes as the place where the divine is in divine dance”. Now the meaning of the song is when we look internally within ourself at ThiruVaVaduThurai (seat of soul) we can see the light of Sun and moon which is nothing but the divine lights of our right and left eyes. These two divine lights of our eyes will unite on seeing Thiruvavaduthurai. This is the experience that one get on doing penance.

In the above poem the sage Agathiyar has talked about the divine experience one gets on doing penance. When we increase the heat of our eyes by meditating on the divine consciousness of our eyes and then seeing internally with this consciousness the two divine lights of our two eyes (Sun and Moon) will be merged. We get divine experiences with in us in this state. Our beloved saint, sage and Gnani Vallalar tells how to do Penance/Thavam as “Do Penance (Thavam) with concentration, with consciousness (divine) and in relaxed state with alertness and by keeping our eyes open”. If we want to get the true(divine) experience we have to catch hold the truth(divine) which is present in our Mei(True- here represents our body). This is the divine wisdom told by all the great saints, seers and Gnanis. This is the only divine truth.

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