Tuesday, April 22, 2014

முருகனும் மெய்பொருளும்

Dear All,

Hope the best from ur end. We all know about lord skandha/Muruga as son of Lord Shiva. But, what we dont know is they all are inside us with great powers whom we are able to see when we get into that maturity level. That's been clearly explained by great siddhars.

Also, It's murugan the guru, aadhi Arunachala perumal... it's very clear from the song

ஏறு மயிலேறிவிளை யாடுமுக மொன்றே
(Eru maiyileri vilaiyaadum mugam ondre)

ஈசருடன் ஞானமொழி பேசுமுக மொன்ற
(esarudan gnanamozhi pesumugam ondre)

கூறுமடி யார்கள் வினை தீர்க்குமுக மொன்றே
(koorum adiyaargal vinai theerkum mugam ondre)

குன்றுருவ வேல்வாங்கி நின்றமுக மொன்றே
(kundru uruva vel vaangi nindra mugam ondre)

மாறுபாடு சூரரை வதைத்தமுக மொன்றே
(maarubaadu soorarai vathaiththa mugam ondre)

வள்ளியை மணம்புணர வந்தமுக மொன்றே
(valliyai manam punara vantha mugam ondre)

ஆறுமுகமான பொருள்நீஅருளவேண்டும்
(aarumugamaana porul nee arula vendum)

ஆதியரு ணச்சலம்அமர்ந்தபெருமாளே
(aathi arunachalam amarntha perumaale)

So, it's Lord Muruga who is Aadhi Arunachalam. And he is the inner guru within us as well as universal guru esp. in Arunachalam, the greatness of that place is, no one needs any external guru for them for initiation who live near Arunachalam. With the needed maturity if they go there, automatically the work of a guru will be done there... i.e. there we get the initiation automatically as well as all the greater things we need to overcome our karmas... that's the greatness of that place... only thing we need to have is complete love n surrender towards the one supreme power/light/God...

But, inorder to clear our doubts n to overcome the struggles due to karmic pressure, we need an external guru till our internal kaariya guru comes into force... that's the real murugan.... Only an external guru can ignite u in ur pupil, by which we can start the gnana thavam... If u need help in this regs, can contact me for more details....

ஆறுமுகமான பொருள் நீஅருள வேண்டும்
(Aaru mugamaana porul nee arula vendum)

Means 6 faced thing (for this 6 faces, u can find the explanation in the Thanthaiku mun magan piranthan - by thirumoolar")

... porul, meiporul.... the light within pupil is the meiporul from atma stanam... which is indestructible... athuve meiporul ஆறுமுகமானபொருள், ... endrum poi aagatha porul, mei poru, the inner ignited light.... (எல்லா விளக்கும் விளக்கல்ல சான்றோர்க்கு பொய்யா விளக்கே விளக்கு. - thirukural)

S. Sriumadevi Srinivasan

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