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தந்தைக்கு முன்னே மகன் பிறந்தானாம்

தந்தைக்கு முன்னே மகன் பிறந்தானாம்

உந்திக் கமலத் துதித்தெழுஞ் சோதியை
அந்திக்கு மந்திர மாரும் அறிகிலார்
அந்திக்கு மந்திர மாரும் அறிந்தபின்
தந்தைக்கு முன்னே மகன்பிறந் தானே
திருமந்திரம் – .869

Surrendering in the lotus feet of lord, suggesting you all this...

All is, just lit a lamp and with open/half-opened eyes, with full surrender, pray it heartily daily and let the tears flow down with mental peace and calm with a cool mind without straining...

Also, encourage kids to do it for their betterment much easier. It'll really really help us all to the core to end all the surrounding problems and for the real physical and total betterment.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.--Confucius.

Very true. Life is so simple, but we do go on searching and making it complicated by our 5 senses. To overcome that we need lord krishna/Muruga/Jesus Christ or etc in whichever form we see sriniketan... Whenever i see your signature, i felt to convey this to you, today i m doing with god's blessings..

As a human, to differentiate from animals, we need to use the 6th sense. Where is it? Is it blocked? How to activate it and use it? What is to be done?

This is what is conveyed to us through the story of Lord Krishna and Kalinga narthanam.(5 hooded snake) upon which Lord Krishna dances and overcome it and controls it and dances upon it....

Why is lord krishna dancing there? Light always dances right... On snake with 5 heads(our 5 senses and pancha bootham ) in the sea(with salt water, ofcourse, our Eyes' tears are salty in nature and with ever secreting nature and abundance as a sea, so the real sea is in our eyes)

The only place where all our five senses remains, our pancha bootham also resides is "Eyes". There the sixth sense is to be activated to become a true human leaving all the animalistic nature that is given by the 5 senses..

During pregnancy, it's the internal eye which is formed first, with the heat produced by the rotation of that pupil, it gets the form of 2 eyes, with the pure heat of this three pupil rotation, all else are formed... so, if we want to be one with the source, we should start with the source of our physical first, that being the eye - then eyes...

So, the true lord krishna can be seen within our eyes inside the pupil as the light from within from the atmastanam till the pupil, 2 nerves(ida naadi and pingala nadi ) are connecting it..

That's what Krishna is called as "Kannan" in tamizh... same way Lord Murugan is called as "Kandhan".. even in english, we call "Canthus" for the origin where all our nerves meet.... "Kundam in thamizh" also means the same... "Agni Kundam"...., same with Lord Iyyappa, the stars showing the place of birth of the real jesus are the light arising in the pupil.

Same way, Parvathi - in tamizh, "Parvathi = Parvai (Eye sight) + Thee (Fire within, the light within, the star within, which is told also very clearly in the jesus birth story which helped to find jesus).

Daughter of Imavaan, in tamizh, Imavaan = Imai( Eyelids)+ Vaan(Sky) The real sky is in our eyes, just blink, u can see the stars in ur eye lids....

Lord Parama sivam and Nandhi : Parama sivan - the supreme, parama aatma

Nandhi - Nanthee= Nan + Thee = Nalla + Thee = Pure fire, the atma = Jiva aathma...

Only if the jeeva aathma surrenders infront of the parama atma, all is one... that state is possible..

This is what is conveyed as Siva and Nandhi and nandhi(jeeva aatma, the purified mind, mind resides in eyes) carrying siva(Sivam, the parama aatma) and parvathi(Parvai + Thee)

Thellath thezhinthavarku jeevan sivalingam aagum. The purified mind becomes one with the Paramasivam, the jeevathma mingles with the paramathma and becomes one...

Tamizh is such a greatest language.... Please save tamizh for knowing many of the hidden truths...

All our religious beliefs and stories are really so great that it has a very deepest meaning that we all are unaware and so very easily doing mistakes just for enjoyment n for temporary escapism and adding up the karmas and troubling ourselves as well as globally.

This is the real Son born before the father - Jesus Christ is the true son of the real father... Lord Muruga is the true son of the real father... Same lord Krishna.... They are the only one to whom if we surrender ourselves, we can attain what is blessed from within by the supreme.

So, the lotus feet of lord is within us in the atma stanam which can be reached till our eyes from inside the pupil.... So, from pupil, we can start to reach till inside..... it's very very simple, which we all want to make it complicated by not analyzing the importance of it....

Ellarum, mookai suthi thodurom.... (touching the nose with hands not straightly, but rounding the head and making it complicated).

One more thing, we say the child is equivalent to lord... for a child, till the age of 3, mind is not completely formed... reason: mind is within our eyes... that's the reason, when we are emotional, we get tears.. The light from within the eyes are easily visible in child who has more silent nature... But, as per the level of karma one bears, the pupil is been blocked from the light within, as per that our ego level exist.

All the siddhars praise Plantain flower as the flower for moksham.. The plantain flower refers to this only. In the plantain flower, when we do the cleaning, we remove two parts, one we call it as the "Kazhan(in tamizh), the centre with a small ball like in the top of it) and the other is transparent part.. This Kazhan(theif) is the karmas that are blocking the light from within till the pupil, we have to remove it. We can by doing what is suggested here.

So, inorder to clear the karma, we need to melt ourselves by this simple meditation surrendering totally with conciousness in the right eye pupil.

This is achieved through trataka.. Only for this reason, i clearly asks all mothers to read this below thread once especially....

Along with that, try to find a true sadguru who can give such a deekshai power, also who can help you by observing a part of your karma to make us qualified for doing the meditation and helping us whenever we are landing in the trouble. Once we are able to catch the lord Krishna within us, the christ or the internal atma within us, the true guru within us, then it'll take care of us... until then, we need a support externally also.

That's the real reason, all the siddhars have laid importance of their own true guru(both external and internal).

This is what is explained by the story of Mahabharatha, where lord Krishna saves the life of Arjuna by stressing his leg in land to make only karna's attack affect his magudam, not arjuna...."Talaiku vandhathu, thalai paavaiyodu pochu..." - very deep is it's meaning....

All the very best. Have a nice day.

Courtesy: S. Sriumadevi Srinivasan

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