Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Have u ever questioned why they say particular number of hands, faces n colours to God n link? Please try to ask within u n compare it inside us researching our inner self, all will be revealed slowly... why this orange n yellow co
lour to murugan? Coz, the Sun rises with a bit orange colour, then the Yellow colour later when completely raised.... So, our inner sun is equivated to Lord Muruga - the inner sun which is the most powerful, a million times that the external sun.... n so they linked the colour of orange n yellow with murugan...

Then, his mother parvathi - Parvai + Thee - means the fire inside the eyes is the parvathi - it originates in the inner eye n can be felt within the pupil of one's eye.... it's been veiled inside the pupil by our karma... our mind resides here only n controls us (Moodevi).. When that lock is opened(Which Valmiki says in ramayan, only sita(lakshmi) is able to request lord Narayana to remove the lock)..... u understand where the lock is?

Anaylse our ancient valuable scriptures n try to follow atleast in this lifetime n enjoy the real fruit, (mango(Gnanam)....)

Vel - The Gnanam - is handed over to muruga by Parvathi..... clearly now u understand the coded meaning i hope..

Kavadi - Kaal + Adi.... Kaal(Feet - Eyes(Not Air as many believe) Adi - Feet - Inner eye

So, same kavadi for murugan n ramar paadam for raama, done by both saivism n vaisnavism.... please try to understand....

Have a nice day. What is given above article is "Bhakthi Margam"... the explanation here is "Gnana Margam"... That old age, they had more time to go through all steps one by one n finally to reach Gnana... Here, in this short life span, we ought to know the reality to escape from life-death bondage....

Be alert... n with eyes focused open within.... That's what coded by Dakshinamoorthy also... Aadiguru.. He never close his eyes n showed the meditating posture... He opened half... therewise, we can see the nosetip.. what happens there? Automatically, our strain can be felt in the Brumadhya - trikuthi... the inner eye...

S. Sriumadevi Srinivasan

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